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"This was such a great tour. We saw and experienced so many historical places. Loved the castles and the gardens. The Outlander connections were fun. Linda was as good  as you said she would be. You took the hard part of traveling
out and gave us the magic!
Thank you so much."
Susan Johnson Loehn - Massachusetts
(Scotland 2017)

"Great tour!  Nice mix of Scottish history and Outlander history.  Group dinners had wonderful food.  Our guide, Linda, included a few surprises for us too!"
Colette Suntum - Maryland
(Scotland 2016)

"You did it again!  This was a marvelous trip, fun and edifying.  How fabulous to have the opportunity to get up close and personal with some the the historical greats in the world of folk music.  You did a fabulous job of taking care of all of the details, and giving us a thrillingly great time!" 
Bonnie & Garry Moore - Virginia
(Panama Canal Cruise - March, 2015; Alaska Cruise - June, 2007)

"Great cruise, well structured and executed by Traveling Troubadour.  The combination of exceptional performers and a cruise to interesting locations
can't be beat!"

Doug Durrett - North Carolina
(Panama Canal Cruise - March, 2015)

"It has been a wonderful experience; meeting all these very talented people.  Lynette, you did a great job.  Thanks!"

Frank & Dessie Smith - Nevada
(Panama Canal Cruise - March, 2015)

"This cruise has literally been a dream come true!!!  I also learned a lot about different cultures and met
 a lot of nice people."

Theresa Statti - Arizona
(Panama Canal Cruise - March, 2015)

"A very enjoyable and well
organized cruise!"

Bill & Marti Schnittker - Iowa
(Panama Canal Cruise - March, 2015)

"I enjoyed the concerts a lot!"
Chris Click - California
(Panama Canal Cruise - March, 2015)

"Cruise was well planned & organized in thoroughly professional, but always people-friendly manner.  Kingston Trio were accessible,  friendly and seemed to enjoy being part of the cruise.  First rate experience in every way.  Thanks, Lynette!" 
John Whelan - Texas
(Kingston Trio-Canadian Maritimes Cruise-June, 2013)
"Thank you, Traveling Troubadour, for 10 days of good music, good company, and much laughter."

Pat Durrett - North Carolina
(Panama Canal Cruise - March, 2015)

I have traveled with Traveling Troubadour three times and each time had the most wonderful trips of my life. My first was to Ireland with Mack Bailey and loved every moment. But my trip in August to Scotland was even more fabulous. I had always dreamed of seeing Scotland and Lynette and her team made this a truly memorable trip. They even agreed to make a couple additions to the itinerary to visit some Outlander sites after I introduced Lynette to this wonderful series of novels. In both trips the guides we had were so fabulous. Within a day or two you felt like you were making real friends. I recommend Traveling Troubadour to anyone looking for a wonderful trip.
Carole Bell - New Jersey
(Scotland, 2015, 2017 and Ireland, 2004)

"We took the Canadian Maritimes cruise June 8-15, 2013, and had a wonderful time. Traveling Troubadour took care of everything. Everyone was happy - us, the fans who sailed with us, the workers in the showroom - everyone. We highly recommend Traveling Troubadour. They were very conscientious about communications with us along the way, and bent over backwards to assure everyone had a stellar cruise experience. We would book with them anytime. Thanks!"

The Kingston Trio

“Lynette organized three awesome wine tasting luncheons on our Med cruise last June - in Montenegro, Istanbul, and Ephesus. They were so special for our little cruise group. She sponsored other events on board our Holland America Med cruise. Loved it!”
Mary Alice Cross - Virginia
(Winery Cruise – June, 2012)

"It was a well-planned trip and you did a very "caring" job with get-togethers and helpful information.  The whole group were most kind to help me on steps and to avoid stumbles, and I appreciate that. 
I would be happy to recommend Traveling Troubadour to anyone."
Jean Blewett, California
(Winery Cruise-June, 2012)

"Many trips have so many logistical details that it takes all of the fun out of it.  On this trip, you did all the work so all we had to do was relax and enjoy it. 
Our thanks to you and our wonderful musicians for making this our
 best cruise yet." 
Carol & Doug Crowell - Iowa
(G, M, H Norway Cruise-August, 2012)

"I really enjoy getting to know the performers as people, and meeting other people who like them too. Having met these people, I expect to see many of them again at folk venues to continue the pleasure of their company."
Vicki Kelsey - New York

(G, M, H Norway Cruise-August, 2012)

"It was a great experience.  It was my first cruise and I am looking forward to more.  Going to warm from snow at home couldn't  be better.  Thank you for making this a great trip."
Jean Seal - Virginia
(Fortune Panama Canal cruise - 2011)

Cruises are luxurious & fun, but adding the music we love makes it outstanding!
Val Phimister, Washington
('12, '11, '10, '09, '08)

"Lynette puts together a well planned, relaxing cruise.  We had opportunities to be with the group and the freedom to do our own thing."
Pam & Clyde Clark - Maine
(Fortune Panama Canal Cruise - 2011)

"Even though I've only been on two cruises (1st & 6th), they were very enjoyable! See ya again in 5 years.
Jayne Remmelts - Michigan
(Fortune cruises - 2011, 2005)

"It was nice spending time with Carolyn (Hester) and her family, whom I've known for years, and meeting the Shaw Brothers and also others in our group.  It has been a very relaxing time."
Jerry Faris, California

(Hester-Shaw Cruise-May, 2012)

"If I were to Google "Experience of a Lifetime", the page that pops up shows a detailed chronicle of this Traveling Troubadour trip.  In the middle of it all I fully expected to be shaken out of a sound sleep and told I had been grinning like a monkey. And singing."
Ron Marsh,  Rhode Island ('10, '08, '07)

"I signed on for the Chad Mitchell Trio cruise with high hopes, so was surprised when my expectations were exceeded.  I knew I would enjoy the scenery and the music, but I didn't plan on the easy access to the performers, the friendliness of the group, the quality of the get-togethers or the bonus nightly jam sessions with the musicians.  The cruise was so well organized; even those of us who were first times felt like part of the group from day one.  Thanks, Lynette, for a wonderful sailing experience."
Nancy Jardon, Florida
(Chad Mitchell Trio Cruise-Sept., 2010)

"The Chad Mitchell Trio cruise was great. I would recommend Traveling Troubadour to anyone."
John Robert McFarland, Michigan
(Chad Mitchell Trio Cruise-Sept., 2010)

"I came as a guest, and I left a fan"
Vanessa Williams - Massachusetts
(Fortune Panama Canal Cruise - 2011)

Lynette's professionalism is obvious; her concern for those details to make every vacation as enjoyable as it can be is her Tour De Force.  Traveling Troubadour is first-rate and top shelf!
Langdon Reid - Virginia

Wilson-Fairchild (formerly Grandstaff)
2008 Cruise

"It's wonderful to live in an age where you can see the marvels of the world and dreams do come true."
Billie Haney - Louisiana
('11, '09, '07, '06, '05)

"Nice to see things I only see on T.V."
Mike Haney - Louisiana
('11, '09, '07, '06, '05)

"The Veendam experience was great all around, but we came on this particular trip because of your extra value contribution, and that made this trip extraordinary!   We loved the concerts, the DVD showing of old Chad Mitchell Trio video, and as a special bonus, we were blown away by Jack Williams, both the man and his music, whom we didn't know about at all before this trip!  Thank you so much for everything!  We'd love to do something like this with you again!
Jim Mecklenburger - Florida

"With Traveling Troubadour you feel like the group is a big family by the end of the week."
Mike Otten-Minnesota
('11, '06,'07)
"The Mack Bailey cruise was fabulous. Not only did Mack sing beautifully in his concerts, but Lynette was a true maestro behind the scenes. She orchestrated everything from booking and travel arrangements, to being a gracious hostess at the receptions and arranging the concerts. Lynette's dealings with both the artist and the passengers were friendly, professional, and responsive. She took care of all details and ensured that everyone had an easy and fun time. Traveling Troubadour "rocks." I can't wait for their next musical adventure."
Karen Ronne Tupek - Maryland
('11, '10, '08, '07, '05, '04 '03)
"Even 10 days goes by so fast. 
Had a great time & can't wait until
the next one."
Debbi Jones - Michigan
('11, '09, '08, '06, '05)

"Lynette makes cruising
wonderful & easy."
Laura & Rick Finch - Florida
(2011, 2009, 2007)

I strongly recommend this trip!"
Rick & Laura Finch - Florida 
(Fortune Alaska '07)

"Congratulations again on putting together a such a fun adventure. Everyone seemed to have had a super time and no doubt many will want to go along on the next one, too. 
Rick & Ron Shaw-The Shaw Brothers
'08, '07, '06, '05, '04, '03)
What a special trip - North to Alaska with our favorite music group,
The Chad Mitchell Trio. 
What a special way to celebrate our 40 years of marriage!  Thanks!

Jane Pinkerton - South Carolina
CMT-Paxton cruise-June, 2008
My wife says it all better.  She gets her anniversary cruise, enjoys the Trio, Paul and Tom (Paxton). What a deal!  We are so much more than mere spectators.  Not exactly "Roadies",  but we're up close and personal with almost everyone.  It's like visiting with your best friends -
which we also did.
John Pinkerton - South Carolina
CMT-Paxton cruise-June, 2008
"Lynette makes it all easy! As first time cruisers we needed lots of answers and she had them all."
Sarah Williamson - Wisconsin ('07)

"Well organized. Great itinerary!  Great entertainment!"
Betty Knowles, Burlington, MA
('07, '04)

"Working with Lynette was a  pure joy and totally painless. I look forward to many more adventures with Traveling Troubadour."
Mack Bailey
'10, '07, '05, '04, '03) 

"What a fantastic, relaxing week.  All the people in the group were so friendly. The shows were out of this world.  Can't wait for the next one."
Bob & Carolyn Kuykendall - Mississippi
(Fortune cruise- January, 2006)
"I enjoyed all of the cruise...the Shaw Brothers concerts, delicious foods, meeting folks I was in high school with. The service was super, super.
I would go again!"
Christine Chowning, Lexington, KY 

"The people are the best - all different and yet all alike - friendly, fun-loving and honest.  Most have a week to let "down" and just be themselves." 
Pinky Stocker - New Hampshire
 ('12, '08, '05, '04)
"You are such a gracious & considerate organizer. It's a big job and you do it with such joy and happy expectation. I have a feeling you are going to be very busy the next few years
putting music to sea."     
Taylor Pie, Tennessee ('05, '04, '03)
"The Traveling Troubadour people are totally focused on making sure their clients are comfortable and satisfied.  They do it right!"
Bob Gray - Maryland  

"Still dreaming of Aqua Waters!"     Caren-New Hampshire ('03)

"I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed being with the group on the trip. I can only imagine how much time and effort you put into organizing it. I understand we may be looking at an Irish Pub tour next.
I'll be there."
Barbara M. - Maryland 
('03, '04)
"Thank you for such a great job.  The music was the Best!  I was really amazed at how organized you were at getting us settled at each hotel
with our correct luggage! 
The trip was fabulous!"
Candy Forde - Colorado 
(Ireland tour - '05)

"Our Alaska adventure was all that we hoped it would be and more!  We are so grateful to you."     
Steve Gillette, Vermont

"Thank you for all your work on our Alaska tour.  We are most appreciative!"
Cindy Mangsen-
(Steve & Cindy Cruises - '12, '10, '04)

"People were extremely compatible on this trip.  If you have the opportunity - swim with the Dolphins!"
Mary Custer - Pennsylvania 
('05, '04, '03)

“We loved the way everyone seemed to enjoy meeting other people. It seemed everyone had a good time. The Limeliters have such a great humor! They are so relaxed and funny, besides being
 fantastic musicians.”     
Ron & Bev Estep - Oregon

"Linda and I took a Caribbean cruise in February, 2004 that featured the Shaw Brothers.  What a great time we had with UNH alums and some other Shaw Brothers fans."
Harvey Galloway - Virginia

“We enjoyed the harmony ♫ of the friendly Limeliters. It was a great way to travel with singing voices, ocean breezes and friendly fellow
Limeliter fans.”
Carol Sev Taylor - Connecticut

"What a fantastic voyage! The cruise exceeded all my expectations.  Really, it was the people in our group, and the great performances by Rick, Ron and Pie that made it special."
Bill Sarpen- New York ('04)
"I enjoyed talking with the other people in our tour group.  Everyone had interesting stories."
David Gross - Tennessee
(Fortune Panama Canal cruise - 2011)
"Do you know why God rested on the seventh day?  So he would have no distractions while he created heaven on earth known as Alaska!"       
Billie Haney - Louisiana    
(Fortune Alaska cruise '07)
"I just keep thinking about the adventure and the fun we all shared in February and now it's May!!"
Robin - New Hampshire ('03)